Zoom Launched an AI Companion for Your Meetings

Zoom Launched an AI Companion for Your Meetings

Did you know that Zoom has launched an AI chatbot to enhance your meeting experience? With the AI Companion, you can now streamline work processes and boost productivity like never before. This chatbot assists with office tasks, provides summaries of past sessions, and helps you level up your presentation skills. By combining their proprietary large language model with other advanced AI models, Zoom is revolutionizing virtual meetings. Despite recent controversy surrounding their AI training data, Zoom remains committed to innovation and creating a sense of belonging in virtual spaces.

Short brief

  • Zoom’s AI Companion provides various features and benefits such as assisting with office tasks, preparing for meetings, and searching for documents. The AI Companion offers real-time interaction during meetings for actions like filing support tickets or researching on-the-spot inquiries.
  • The conversational features of the AI Companion will be available in Spring 2024 but the other features are already available to paid Zoom subscribers starting today.
  • Zoom plans to release a feature where the AI Companion can generate email responses in September.
  • The AI Companion will be able to summarize missed chats for a better understanding of the overall conversation.
  • Zoom aims to enable the AI Companion to detect meeting intent through chat messages.

Enhanced Meeting Preparation With AI Chatbot

Starting Spring 2024, users can enjoy conversational features that will enhance their virtual meetings and interactions. Currently, the AI Companion is exclusively available to paid Zoom subscribers. However, Zoom has exciting plans to expand its capabilities further. By the end of September, a new feature will be introduced, allowing the AI Companion to generate email responses. This will save users valuable time and streamline their communication processes. Additionally, the AI Companion will be equipped with the ability to summarize missed chats, providing a comprehensive overview of the entire conversation. Looking ahead, Zoom aims to enable the AI Companion to detect meeting intent through chat messages, ensuring a more efficient and context-aware virtual meeting experience.

Zoom AI Companion Will Use Multiple Models to Stay Up-to-Date

Zoom’s approach to AI hinges on its proprietary large language model, which it combines with Metas Llama 2, OpenAI, and Anthropic to adopt a federated approach. By leveraging multiple models, Zoom’s AI Companion can swiftly integrate advancements and stay up-to-date with the latest developments. While Zoom hasn’t disclosed further specifics regarding its AI approach, it is evident that the company aims to enhance user productivity through a range of AI features. This signifies Zoom’s commitment to harnessing AI’s potential and delivering a comprehensive and efficient user experience.

Zoom AI assistant

Recent Controversies About Zoom’s AI Training

Recently, Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, found itself amidst a controversy regarding the usage of data for training its AI models. The company faced criticism due to the ambiguity in its language regarding the data sources used for AI training. In response to the criticisms, Zoom’s CEO, Eric Yuan, openly acknowledged the mistakes and took immediate action to address the issue. The company clarified its terms of service, reassuring users that their conversations would not be used for AI training purposes. Additionally, Zoom introduced new features powered by AI, but these features will be disabled by default. This means that account owners and IT administrators will have the choice to enable them, providing users with greater control over their privacy settings. Zoom’s commitment to transparency and giving users the option to opt-in or opt-out of AI features demonstrates a proactive approach towards protecting the privacy of its customers.

Despite this clarification, Zoom did not provide further details on the specific data sources used for training its system, leaving some questions unanswered. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding data usage did not deter Zoom from moving forward with its AI Companion, indicating the company’s commitment to advancing its technology.